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Catalyst Offers

Early Career Opportunities
We look for passionate professionals who are eager to learn and help our customers solve complex business challenges, no previous experience required. We find the most driven, talented individuals and match them with roles at our client partners.
Personal & Professional Development
We offer specialized mentorship and training opportunities so our Catalysts are constantly learning and developing crucial skills. We want our Catalysts to take charge of their own careers and take on challenging projects that excite them.
Diverse Career Areas
Our Catalyst program covers a variety of roles to meet different business needs including:
o Full Stack Development
o Data Analysis
o Business Analytics
o Project Delivery
o User Experience Design
Exposure to Top Leadership
We know how important it is to connect young talent to leaders and experienced professionals. That's why our Catalysts work alongside experts in their field and have direct access to our network of connections, including top executives throughout the Twin Cities.

Role: Full Stack Development

"The Builder"

Developers are responsible for building unique technology solutions by analyzing business needs and then designing, testing, and developing software to fit those needs. Your day includes coding, working with team members to identify problems and come up with solutions, and identifying and documenting system processes and patterns.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If You:

• Like building, testing, taking things apart to understand how they work
• Enjoy technology and software
• Are constantly teaching yourself new things
• Thrive when solving technical or analytical problems


• Computer Programming
• System Engineering
• Managing Data
• Problem-Solving
• Team Player


• Software Engineer
• Front-End Developer
• Back-End Developer
• Middle-Tier Developer

Role: Data Analytics

"The Researcher"

Data Analysts are responsible for improving business operations and processes by retrieving, organizing, and analyzing information. Your day includes gathering and processing information, analyzing data and identifying patterns, writing reports and sharing your findings.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If You:

• Like looking through large data sets or collecting information from many sources
• Enjoy finding the “bigger picture” by looking at the small details
• Use numbers and data to solve problems
• Are good at finding order and patterns and explaining them to others


• Proficient with SQL, spreadsheets, reporting & analytics tools
• Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
• Data Visualization
• Research
• Attention to detail


• Data Architect
• Data Scientist
• Data Analyst

Role: Business Analysis

"The Problem Solver"

Business Analysts are responsible for identifying the needs of a business and making suggestions about how to solve problems by improving efficiency, productivity and profitability. They help drive change and increase value by using data to inform key business decisions.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If You:

• Enjoy solving business problems by applying numbers and data
• Are very efficiency-driven and are always thinking of a better way to do things
• Are a strong communicator and like bridging the gap between key decision makers and technical reporters/analysts
• Like organization, planning and process improvement


• Critical thinking
• Problem-solving
• Communication
• Planning and monitoring; Budgeting, forecasting and cost analysis
• Analyzing opportunities, weaknesses, etc and creating a plan with actionable steps to solve the problem


• Business Analyst
• Product Owner
• Junior Business Architect

Role: Project Delivery

"The Leader"

Project Delivery people are responsible for managing all aspects of a project from start to finish by planning, organizing and leading the designation of tasks. They serve as the main contact point between stakeholders and members of their team to ensure project goals are met within the scope, budget and timeline agreed upon.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If You:

• Like organization and feel comfortable managing many tasks at once
• Are good at seeing the bigger picture and breaking down into smaller, more manageable tasks
• Enjoy working with and motivating people to achieve a common goal
• Are a natural leader who feels comfortable working with ambiguity and change in a dynamic environment where requirements change and develop over time


• Organization
• Clear communication
• Problem-solving & conflict resolution
• Time & people management
• Monitoring, planning, executing


• Project Coordinator
• Project Manager
• Scrum Master

Role: UX Design

"The Creative Visionary"

User Experience Designers are responsible for prototyping technology solutions that help users get the information they want in an accessible, intuitive way. They are the ones who determine what a user’s needs are and how to infuse those requirements into the technology using tools like wireframing, rapid prototyping, user testing and user flow diagrams.

You’ll Enjoy This Role If You:

• Are naturally creative and good at visualizing how information should be displayed
• Are interested in human behavior patterns and psychology
• Enjoy bridging the gap between people and technology


• Design thinking, human-centered development
• Technical design skills including wireframing & prototyping
• Empathy & ability to see things from the customer’s point of view


• User Interface Designer
• User Experience Designer
• User Experience Researcher

Case Studies
Get to know the Catalyst program through various client stories and case studies
Case Studies

The Catalyst Experience

Quotes From Catalysts

"The Catalyst program has been a great opportunity and experience. It goes beyond mentorship and the opportunities it gives. For me, Catalyst has been a life changing program that has opened the doors to my future career."


Developer/Technical Lead
"Working with EIT in the Catalyst program has provided me with exclusive mentorship opportunities to learn and grow my career tremendously. Guidance from this team has helped me to excel in my work and understand my career path."


Scrum Master
"Catalyst has been refreshing, challenging, and given me many opportunities for career growth. I have enjoyed the mix of client work with the small start-up culture that Catalyst provides."


Project Coordinator
"Through Catalyst, I have been able to improve both my technical skills and communication skills in a way that really would not have been possible outside of a professional context."


Software Developer

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